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QOTD – Career

April 23, 2012

Once you have an inkling about what truly makes you happy, it becomes a lot easier to reprioritize and spend your most precious asset – time – on the qualitative experiences that fulfill you. And that’s more satisfying than squandering time on meaningless work just so you can acquire the redundant artifacts of material success.

When all is said and done, perhaps I am not really in a great position to give career advice given the fact that I haven’t had one. But for what it’s worth, here’s a final bit anyway: If you can do anything setting out, or along the way – because it’s never too late to start again – figure out who you are. What do you love to do? How do you want to live? Then, don’t let a career drive you, let passion drive your life. that may not get you up any ladder, but it will make your trip down a long and winding road more interesting. And in the end, if it  makes you feel better, go ahead and call it a career. It doesn’t matter. A career is what you make of it.

Goodbye Career, Hello Success

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