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QOTD – Huge Premium To Take The Leap

February 14, 2012

“We sat around with a bunch of buddies after work at a coffee shop and we talked about starting a company. And we seemed to do this for about nine freakin’ months. And nobody would do anything about it.

And many years later – and this is how it always goes – someone says, “You know, I had the idea to do something like Skype, and if I had only done it…” I’m sure you’ve heard people say that. “I had the idea for eBay long before eBay started.” But really, people don’t do anything about it.

So I like to tell people – if you have conviction in life to be an entrepreneur – and I want to tell you, being an entrepreneur is not sexy. It is pretty awful. It is stress, long hours, huge responsibility, huge pressure, competitive – it is not for everybody. It’s this rare, unique individual who chooses to do this really crazy thing called being an entrepreneur. But if in your gut you think that’s you, or you want it to be you, this is the single-biggest gate in gating items that keeps most people from being entrepreneurs – starting.

You are paid such a premium to take the first leap. My Anderson Consulting experience – sitting around with a bunch of guys who just kept saying – “Oh we should do this, and we should do that,” and I freakin’ did it. And they came to work for me for 1%.”

Mark Suster (Start-Up and See It Through)

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