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Charity Water’s Brilliant Branding

December 18, 2011

TechCrunch has a new edition of Founder Stories with Scott Harrison, the founder of

The interview is an absolute must-watch – Harrison talks about his journey from being an NYC nightclub promoter to founding charitywater.

In this excerpt, he talks about the importance of building a brand –

The third big idea was to build a brand.

This was something I thought charities were just notoriously bad at – their websites were some of the worst of any sector. There was almost a poverty mentality when it came to brand, when it came to design.

And I thought to myself, if we are really going to solve the global water crisis, we are going to need to build an epic brand – a brand that rivals Apple or Nike or Coke – and there wasn’t any other charity brand that I thought was aspirational.

Again, to realize what a great job these guys have done, watch the episode and just Google them. Definitely take a look at their promo video below though. I came across it while researching for my class on social entrepreneurship, and in terms of production values and getting the message across beautifully, I think it’s one of the best videos to promote a cause I have ever seen.

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