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“As We All Go Jetsons, The Action Is In Being Like The Flintstones” – the Future of Marketing

December 18, 2011

Brilliant, brilliant talk by Gary Vaynerchuck @ Inc. 500 Seminar.

Some excerpts –

90% of you are treating social media like a one night stand. You are trying to close on the first transaction.

People don’t want to bet on the culture shift because it’s not happening in the next 20 minutes. It’s hard. People don’t want to do that.

For the first time ever, it’s not push. For the first time ever, it’s a cocktail party – everybody is in play.

Consumers are putting out more data than ever. And we can leverage that data to do one-on-one marketing to win their wallet.

We call every single customer who places an order and thank them.

This social media game isn’t about talking. It’s about listening, cuz that’s the game in play.

Word-of-mouth is the currency, and we now have the infrastructure to have word-of-mouth on steroids.

I believe that we are living through the beginning of the humanization of logos.

Everything I believe is going to be ruined in 5 years. Because marketers ruin everything.

Your social graph is bigger than it ever was. Dunbar’s number is fucked – it’s going to be bigger.

We are living in a world where there is no hiding.

I’m going to watch a New York Jets game on my new apple television, and when Mark Sanchez throws a touchdown pass, my remote control – which is going to look something like an iPad – is going to say, “Do you want to buy a Mark Sanchez jersey?” And at the height of my excitement, I am going to say, Yes.
And at the height of your excitement when you are watching something that looks like Gossip Girl or Sex and the City , and you are like – “Oh my god, Pamela’s shoes are so effin’ phenomenal,” – you are going to buy two pairs.

Holding on to what just emotionally feels good is a really good way to go out of business.

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