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August 10, 2011

Just saw Octopussy, a 1983 Bond flick.

Was really surprised to see Vijay Amritraj and Kabir Bedi in major roles in the movie – Amritraj was adorable! Especially since I’ve only seen him as a much older, serious commentator on TV during Wimbledon.

Some of my favorite lines from the movie (courtesy imdb) –

James Bond – [handing a wad of Indian cash to his accomplice] “That should keep you in curry for a few weeks.”

[Bond and Q are floating in a hot air balloon]
James Bond: I trust you can handle this contraption, Q?
Q: It goes by hot air.
James Bond: Oh, then you can.

[Confronting James Bond]
Kamal Khan: “You seem to have this nasty habit of surviving.”
James Bond: “You know what they say about the fittest.”

Kamal Khan: “l believe you and Miss Magda have met.”
James Bond: (Bond had slept with her before) “It was a pleasure.”

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