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hackNY goes to the June ’11 NY Tech Meetup!

June 12, 2011

This last week, we guys decided to check out this month’s NY tech meet-up. We got in free, of course, thanks to the Korth and the Wiggins.

There were some pretty cool demonstrations – Yackit aims to become the twitter for video (if 11.5 seconds to video is what 140 characters is to text). How About We‘s iPhone app was pretty neatly done and will (hopefully) increase their number of heart-to-heart connections. VHX aims to be the Flipboard of video, and hopes to enable web video content creators to connect with larger audiences, making them millions in the process. My pick of the day though was Sleep With The Fishes – it was made by a high-school kid over spring break, when he had nothing to do and decided to do this project to learn Ruby (from scratch). The idea is to tweet a link to a “target” that you are assigned by the website (by making the link seem interesting/exciting). Once the user clicks on the link, a Rick Roll’d video opens up, he is considered killed, and you move up the leader-boards. Cool, fun idea. The best part was the kid being particular about the name of the website and ribbing the presenter multiple times (“it’s sleep with the fishes, not sleep with the fish…it’s sleep with the fishes, not sleeps with the fishes – seriously, how hard is this?” — which is natural, seeing that .es is important to the name).

To be honest, the presentations didn’t blow me away – though they were all implemented very well, I could only see longer-term potential in a couple of them. More than the demonstrations though, I think the big surprise for all of us was to see such a huge turnout (easily ~400 people) for a tech event in the city and the scale at which the event was organized. Tech is currently clearly hot in NYC – we just need to make it hotter. And smarter.


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